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Bannersnack pricing plans: Which plan should I pick?

Creating an account with Bannersnack is pretty straightforward, but after a few days with a free account, you might want to choose a paid plan to get rid of some limitations. Therefore, we are going to do a detailed examination of Bannersnack's pricing tiers to see which plan might suit you best.

You can test Bannersnack for free but there are some limitations you need to keep in mind:

  • A free account is limited to 10 designs/lifetime
  • Designs sourced through our embed code will have a watermark
  • You cannot download as html5, animated GIF or mp4 
  • There are no transitions and animations

The Starter pack is a great fit for any independent blogger or small site owner. It removes the watermark from the embedded designs and it allows you to create 30 designs per month with unlimited storage in your account. Along with that, you also get full access to:

  • Vector clipart
  • Button presets
  • Static design templates
  • Stock photo library
  • 30 days of statistics

With the Pro plan, you get everything from the previous plans and much more. It's our most popular plan for a good reason as it unlocks all design features from static to animated designs. Here are the main features you get with this plan:

  • Unlimited designs, static or animated
  • Design generator
  • Responsive designs
  • Tags to organize the designs
  • Full access to animated templates
  • Full access to html5 transitions and effects
  • Download your designs in the html5
  • Download as mp4 and GIF
  • 3 months statistics
  • Upload SVG
  • Upload your own fonts

We recommend this plan for any small business that needs to sustain a strong presence on multiple social media platforms as well as prepare for advertising campaigns, by creating static and animated design ads.

In addition, our most advanced individual plan is the Plus subscription which contains all of the features offered by pro plus a few extras listed below:

  • 5 workspaces
  • Branded share link option (Learn more)
  • Unlimited designs, static or animated
  • 1-year statistics

Apart from our individual plans, Bannersnack also offers a Team package designed for companies or agencies that require multiple users per account. This account type enables extensive collaboration between team members and allows users to share content, ideas and opinions with the use of shared workspaces and marking tools such as labels and status enablers.


Going through the key characteristics of each Team plan, we will notice that their differences reside in the number of users and workspaces allowed for each subscription level, these being; 3 users and 10 workspaces for small team, 6 users and 15 workspaces for medium and 10 users along with 20 workspaces for large teams. All of the available design and functional features our platform has to offer are also available with all of our team plans, some of the key features including:

  • 1-year of statistics
  • Priority support
  • Design generator 
  • Folders 
  • Upload your own fonts
  • Upload SVG 


If you want more than 10 users you can contact us for a custom offer or you can purchase any of the currents plans on this page and if you have further questions you can always reach us by live chat or by email.


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