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Generating Design Sets

If you're interested in generating multiple size static/animated designs at once with the same content, that's possible using the Design Generator we provide. Here are a few easy steps to generate multiple designs at once: 

1.To reach the Generator you will have to click on "Create new", select "Designs set", then click on the sizes that you wish to attach to your design and select a template(or start from scratch).



2.Once you've reached the design environment, there are a few things to consider. If you've chosen to start from a template, then you should see multiple layers on the left hand side of your display. All of these layers are components that are currently visible in your sizes and any modification will apply the changes across all sizes.



3. You can further add new visuals or assets by adding elements to your design through the "New Layer" button found in the "Layers" section. When adding a layer, depending on the element, you will be able to set and modify certain properties related to position, color, and size, however, for a more in-depth structural adjustment, you will have to perform certain changes in individual edit mode(Focus mode).



4.Entering Focus mode can be done by simply double clicking on the size that you wish to modify. Once you've accessed this, you will be able to perform certain modifications to each size and tailor your designs to match your current prospect.



You can also generate a set from a single design that you've created in the single editor, using our smart-resize feature. You can read more about how this works in our smart-resize related article.

As you can see this is quite easy and straight-forward, saving you the troubles of creating each design individually, however we must keep in mind that our design Generator was designed to create multiple sizes of the same design and not multiple different designs with different sizes. We are exploring the possibility of a multiple design generator however, for now, we do not have an E.T.A.

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    p lando Comment actions Permalink

    You encourage peope to craete a banner first, and "more about banner sets later" with no link to creating a set... then I find out that I can't ctrate a set fro a banner i already created based on one of your templates which does not appear in the banner templates anyway. None of it makes any sense

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    Adrian Pintea Comment actions Permalink



    Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately in the banner generator you can only create a set from the templates currently provided by us, you can't use a single banner you made as a template for a banner set I'm afraid.

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    Anny Comment actions Permalink

    It's very bad! this function is not enough, the whole sense of working with sets is lost


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