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Tips and tricks for the Banner Generator


By now you've probably tried out the banner generator feature. We hope you like it and find it useful and we would love to give you a few tips and tricks on how to more efficiently utilize this new tool we put at your disposal.

Making the most out of the Banner Generator

1. Quick edit mode(Focus Mode): while editing a banner set you might look at one of the sizes and feel the need to make a small adjustment, perhaps a text element or a button needs to be moved ever-so-slightly. To enter Edit mode all you have to do is double-click the banner area, or click on the pen icon that shows up in the top left corner of the size, and once you are done, simply click the ESC key or on the blue "back" arrow found on your screen.



2. List view/Grid view. By default, grid view will be enabled and our banner generator will try to group up the different sized banners nicely but you can always switch to a list view if the option suits you.



3. Gifs make life spicy. The banner set can only be downloaded in JPG/PNG and HTML5 as a group but sometimes you want a particular banner downloaded in GIF format as well. Have no fear, this is entirely possible! You need to hover over the banner set click on View and then select the banner you want to download as a GIF.



4. Speaking of the importance of individuality, this will also allow you to take one of the automatically generated designs from the set and Edit it as new to make a copy of it. This might come in handy if you want to take one of the designs generated automatically in the set and fine tune it some more.



5. Find a color you like? Copy it and use it anywhere. You will notice we implemented a copy color button. This might come in handy because it works not just inside editing a banner but also across different banners/sets you have in your Bannersnack account! If you have a specific color already used in a  banner/set designed earlier you can use the copy color option then edit a different banner/set and paste that exact same color there.



 6. Ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to change the animation on one element across all sizes? This used to be a struggle since, in the past you would had to apply it on each individual size, but that is the case, no more. Now you can simply access Edit mode in the Banner Generator and apply an animation on one layer across all sizes. It's easy, super quick and efficient.




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