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How to create a multi-slide design with navigation between the slides

Multi-slide designs are great for promoting special events, offers, products etc.

The idea is simple: You have the main slide where you add some buttons that the customer can click to see further details about one of the products you might have on discount at a certain time. The structure of the design in our example is the following:

  • Slide 1 will be our main slide from where the customer can navigate to the promotional slides
  • Slide 2 3 and 4 will correspond with the three categories on promotion in our case Clothes, Shoes and Accessories.

After you’ve created your design slides you need to add buttons that redirect customers to the extra slides, each button corresponding to a promotion/offer. In our example, we have a Winter sale and we are promoting three distinct categories: Clothes, Shoes and Accessories so we’ll create three buttons.

 Now we select the Clothes button and from the Action tooltip we choose the GoToSlide option and select Slide 2 as a destination.


We do the same for button 2 which will correspond the Shoes promotion slide(Slide 3 in this case in our design) and for button 3 which will take the customer to the Accessories slide(Slide 4 in this case in our design).

 All we have to do now is make sure that on each of the promo slides we also have a CTA button that links to the web page with the actual promotion and also a button that takes the customer back to Slide 1 in case he also wants to check out our other promotions.

 Here you can see our example Design in action:

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