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How to Upload and Use your own fonts

We've just added a new feature that allows you to upload your own fonts and use them if you don't find the font in the list we provide. Below, you will see how exactly to do that. 

How to upload

To upload a new font:

  1. Select a text box.
  2. Go to font selection and click on Upload own fonts.

Please note that you can upload one or multiple font files. The limit for the bulk upload is 10 font files at once. We accept TTF and OTF file types. We recommend lighter fonts in file size as the size of the font is directly influencing the final size of the banner. 


How to use 

The font you uploaded is automatically applied to the selected text. If you uploaded multiple fonts the first one uploaded is applied to the selected text. 

To change the font to one uploaded by you simply:

  1. Click the text.
  2. In the font list click the button that shows only the fonts uploaded by you
  3. In the list choose the one you want. 


Keep in mind that you can upload up to 10 fonts at a time and the maximum size of the combined fonts cannot exceed 10MB.

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