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Team accounts - Adding users and assigning team roles

1. Introduction

If you bought a Team subscription you are now able to add additional users. Whenever you are inviting a new user to join your team, you will have the possibility to define his role within the account. Thus, defining whether or not he has any type of restrictions when collaborating with the team.

You will also assign the user a role. We have predefined user roles with some preset user rights granted but don’t worry, you can customize these rights based on your needs; the role you choose is more of a symbolic title. You can also create your custom role and assign any of the available rights to it.

The predefined roles are the following: Administrator, Manager, Designer, Copywriter, Reviewer, User.  



2. Setting the rights 

The following rights can be given to users you invite to your team:

View designs- Can view designs created in other Workspaces and accounts. Can create designs in his own personal Workspace.

Create/Edit designs- Can create and edit in any Workspaces he has access to. Can also manage library assets.

Manage users - Can add or delete users and set their level of access.

Manage Workspaces - Can create Workspaces, edit and invite users to them.

Approve/Reject designs- Can mark designs as “Approved” or “Rejected”.

Switch account - Can access any user account from his team.

Change share settings - Can set up the branded subdomain link, logo, favicon and header color.

Billing Options - Can access the billing options and will get email notifications regarding subscription renewal.


3. Editing the rights

The role and user rights you assigned to a team member can be edited at any time. On the Manage Users page, you can hover over the user role and see, at a glance, all their assigned rights. Click on Edit rights to make any changes




 User rights granted by default in the predefined roles:

  • Administrator - has all the user rights granted; this is the role you will have by default when you upgrade to a Team subscription
  • Manager - has all the user rights except access to Billing Options
  • Designer - Can View, Create, Edit designs and approve them
  • Copywriter - Same rights as a Designer
  • Reviewer - Can View designs and approve them
  • User - Can only view designs



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