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Using a team account

If you bought a Team account you'll notice that you can add up to 10 users and to each user you can assign a role. At the moment there are 3 roles that you can assign to a user:

  • Administrator
  • View and Edit
  • View only 


The Administrator has access to all account options, he can add and remove users to his liking, he also has access to Billing and subscription info. Regarding banners, he can access the banners created by the other users and edit, delete and duplicate them to his liking. He can also Copy the banners to his account. 

A user who has View and Edit access can do the same actions as the Administrator regarding banners created by other users. So he can view, edit, edit as new, delete or duplicate banners created by other users and move the banners to his account. 


The last type of role, the View only one can only view the banners created by the other users and he can use the Edit as new button to import the banners into his own account. 


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