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NEW Feature! GIF & MP4 Download for HTML5

Introducing animated GIF and MP4 video download for PRO, PLUS and TEAM plans!


You can download your animated banners in high-resolution MP4 or GIF with all the smooth transitions and animations.


If your current plan is PRO or higher, you can choose to download your banners as GIF or MP4. If you choose GIF, our export engine will automatically select between static or animated GIF download, based on your banner type. Static banners will be automatically downloaded as static GIF, and animated banners as animated GIF.

A banner is considered animated if it has multiple slides or at least one transition on any layer. Our server algorithm identifies animated banners and will export them automatically as animated GIF.

PRO and TEAM users are able to export all of their animated banners in dynamic, high resolution, 24fps - GIFs or MP4 video*. Due to server processing limitations, the export may take a few minutes to complete, but both versions (GIF and MP4) are generated in the background, so downloading the second format after the first one has been completed is almost instant.

Static GIFs are available in all of our plans, but only single-slide static GIFs are available to Free users.

Because these two formats are exclusive BETA features for our PRO and TEAM users, please make sure that you upgrade your plan in order to fully enjoy animated MP4 and GIF download.

*Due to technical limitations, the length of the exported banners cannot exceed:

max. 40 seconds -  Animated GIF

max. 120 seconds -  MP4 video

Another GIF limitation implies that all animated GIFs banners cannot be larger than 960px. This means that all banners with a larger size will be resized to 960px when exported as an animated GIF so for those large banners we strongly recommend using the MP4 or HTML5 exports or the embed code that we provide.



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