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How to use the Magic Animator feature

Whether you're using one of our static templates or you're creating a design from scratch, you can use the Magic Animator feature to animate all of the objects from a design bringing your static creatives to life at the touch of a button, with the help of our animated presets.


Using the Magic Animator

1. Create a static design;

2. Click on Magic Animator and select the animation you like best.



The objects are being animated one at a time, starting with the last one on the Slides and layers section from the right hand side of the editor and ending with the first one on the list. If you want to animate an object before or after another you can just drag and drop it in the list.


The Magic Animator feature can also be used in the Generator so you can animate multiple sizes at the same time! Crazy, right?

Just like in the Editor, the feature works by assigning animations to each layer from bottom to top applying them across all of your design sizes from the current design and allows you to individually view each size in real time through the animator slider.



Got any questions? Reach out to our support team through our live chat integration, on Bannersnack.


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