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What is the advantage of having premium?

Upgrading to one of our premium subscriptions can bring great benefits to you or your design team by unlocking a vast array of features that are not available on the free plan. Using the basic starter subscription will only unlock some of the functionalities that Bannersnack is capable of, however, if you're looking to unlock all of the available design aspects and gain access to our entire library, we highly recommend you go for our most purchased individual plan, Pro.


Upgrading from a free plan will give you the possibility of creating more than 10 designs/account, unlocking our media content library, and depending on your selected premium subscription, you can also get unlimited access to all of our animations, the multi design generator, multiple premium download formats that support animations, such as HTML5, and increase your daily embed view limit.


For more information regarding our premium memberships, you can access our pricing page, and check the table underneath each plan for it's benefits.

*Further questions can be addressed with our support staff within our open hours.

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