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How to use Loop Settings

Using Loop Count

Using the loop settings feature allows you to extend the original duration of your design without having to duplicate elements or layers in the timeline.

You can set a loop count from the slide section in both the editor and generator, up to a count of 7, or infinite, using the "forever" selection.



Using Stop Slide

You can completely disable the loop count using the "stop slide" function from underneath each separate slide depending on where you would like for the transitions to stop. Setting the loop count to "once" will perform similar to the "stop slide" function, the difference being that in this case, the design will run it's entire duration once.


 Note*: Most advertising platforms like Google Ads for example, have a limit of 30 seconds for animated designs meaning that a design with a 10 second duration that has a loop count over 3, will not be accepted. You can read more about Google's requirements in our related article, here.

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