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What happens when my membership subscription expires?

Once your account becomes free you will your subscription related privileges will be paused and a watermark will be applied on the designs hosted from our servers through the embed code. 

What happens to my Designs?

All but the last ten designs that you have created will be disabled for modifications, your download options will be reduced to only static formats (JPG, PNG, Static GIF) and the library through which we provide our creative assets (images, templates) will become limited. You will still be able to host designs through the embed code, however, the view limit will drastically drop and they will all have a Bannersnack watermark applied.

In other terms, your assets will not be deleted but your usage of our design platform will be limited to that of the free plan. 


Note*: Designs containing animations will also be disabled as these are not supported by the free plan. If you are trying to access an animated design to perform modifications and download a static version of it, please feel free to get in touch with our support representatives through our built-in web chat.

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