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How to embed a design and its advantages

Apart from all of the various download formats that Bannersnack has to offer, we also support an embed feature which can help you host a design from our servers onto your website.

You can use this feature to show relevant content to your visitors in different forms. This has a lot of benefits so let’s see how to embed a design.

Get the embed code

Click VIEW on any of your designs; from the pop-up select the embed tab, choose an embed display option from the drop-down menu and check the “Use iFrame” and “Responsive scale” options if needed.



Add the embed code to your website

There are a few easy ways to embed an HTML5 design into a website, however, if you're not comfortable with your knowledge in the field, we recommend you seek help from an experienced developer.

Here are a few methods:

  • For a CMS website like a Wordpress blog you only need to copy the code into a widget;
  • Ask a developer to copy the embed code into the source code of the website;
  • Add the code directly using Google Tag Manager.




  •  Varied display options

Customize the embed code to have your design appear on the top, center or bottom of the page. You can also have it appear on exit intent, timed delay, function call and on page load.

  • Real time statistics

Get real time statistics such as views, clicks, CTR, location and device info as well as a heat map for your embedded designs. Use the data we provide to make improvements to your design and increase its performance.

Embedding designs is a great way to capture your viewers' attention and using them is easy!


Note: Embedded designs have a so called embed view limit, since they are hosted from our servers in real time. The limits can be seen on our pricing page underneath each plan, being increased as you upgrade your subscription

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