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How to create an exit pop-up intent

How to create an exit intent pop-up

An exit intent pop-up design is an amazing tool that you can use to capture the attention of visitors that are about to leave your website. The code required to activate them on exit intent is included in Bannersnack’s embed code. Here is how you can create an embed design.

Design your exit intent popup design: 

The first step is obviously to create the design. Keep in mind that with Bannersnack you can add custom HTML to your designs, so you can be very creative. You can even create a lead form.

Set the embed code to appear on exit-intent: 

The next step is to make a few small adjustments to the embed code so it will display on exit intent. Click VIEW on your design, go to EMBED and select one of the three additional options in the dropdown menu. Click EDIT and select “On exit intent” from the new popup. Once you’ve selected on exit intent click DONE and copy the new embed code.


Add the embed code to your website

There are a few easy ways to embed an HTML5 design into a website. Here are a few:

  • For a CMS website like a Wordpress blog you only need to copy the code into a widget;
  • Ask a developer to copy the embed code into the source code of the website;
  • Add the code directly using Google Tag Manager.

It’s that easy to capture the attention of website visitors that are about to leave. Please keep in mind that this is a premium feature, so free customers will not have access to the embed design options.


Also, here you can find 25 examples that will help you design an awesome exit pop-ups.

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