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What happens when I reach the maximum number of views/day/account?

What is an embed view?

The general embed code views/day/account is a limitation applied on banners hosted through the embed code as these are kept and sourced from our very own servers. If you use the embed code to implement your banner on a website, every time the banner loads it will count as an embed view.

Each banner for which you use the embed code on a website sums up views in a general account counter. When the total views of your banners taken together exceed the views/day/account limit of your plan, the banners will turn into a static image and a small button will be displayed linking to the banner's "direct link" page on Bannersnack.com.

Where does the limit apply?

The limit only applies for banners embedded using our embed code. If you download the banners through any of our provided formats such as html5, the limit will no longer apply.
If you embed the banners, you will receive statistics for each banner through our advanced analytics feature. For more details about our Analytics please check this page

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