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How to use Bannersnack

Learn how you can use Bannersnack to create amazing visuals for display advertising, social media and more. Here we will start with the basics of Bannersnack by giving you a brief rundown of how our editor works. Let’s begin:


To create a design with our editor you must first select the “SINGLE DESIGN” option. We will get to creating a design set later on.


Pick the right ad size

The first step once you decide you want to create a design is to select a size. Choose any of the standard display advertising sizes, as well as sizes for social media, or start with a custom size.  


Select a template 

After you’ve selected the size of the design you want to create you can choose a template from which you can start. We have both static and animated templates available.


Add or change elements

From the left-hand menu, you can drag & drop new elements that better suit your style. From here you can change the background or add text, images, shapes, buttons, videos or custom HTML.


 Edit individual elements

Customize individual elements from the element panel. You can change the color of the element, add filters, shadows and more. Access the menu by clicking on an element. 


Customize slides & layers 

Organize your slides from the right-hand panel. From here you can also set the duration of each slide, add transitions or change the layers on your design. 


Preview your work

You can preview the entire design or a single step to make sure that all of your animations are coming together. You can find the Preview buttons on the top bar.



View stats and export

After you’ve created your design you can export it. Click view to open a new tab where you can find export options as well as statistics and a heatmap for embedded designs. 


Download & Embed
All that’s left now is for you to export your designs and use them in your display advertising campaigns. Download as JPG, PNG, GIF or HTML5 or get the embed code. 


That’s how easy it is to create a design ad using the Bannersnack editor!


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