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Custom Branding

What exactly is Custom Branding?

Our custom branding feature allows you to use your domain or subdomain for displaying all your designs. So instead of using the design link that we normally provide, you’ll be able to share a URL using a subdomain from your website.

Why is that an awesome and useful feature? 

First, when you use the custom link, you send traffic to your own website, rather than to Bannersnack.

And second, you will be able to share your work in a professional manner, have your customer review the ad designs that you have created for them and remove the url brand association between Bannersnack and your business.


How does custom branding work?

This is something that you only have to set up once from your account.

More precisely, go to  "Account options" and access the "Share Settings" tab.

1. Copy the Bannersnack CNAME
2. Visit the DNS settings from your domain registrar (The website that sold and allowed you to register your current website address) and create a CNAME record for your subdomain (eg designs.mydomain.com) that points to share.bannersnack.com
3. Return to Bannersnack and enter your website’s subdomain (under Hostname) where you chose to display your designs.

Below you have a list of guidelines on how to change DNS settings for the most common domain providers:

On top of that, you can change the logo, favicon and the header color to further personalize your share link. 

You can then use the preview screen to see exactly how it looks like in real time.



However, please note that you might have to wait for a few hours before the DNS settings will propagate, so don’t panic if it doesn’t work instantly.

You can see the status of the Cname validation underneath the CNAME box. 


Enable SSL connection

In case you want your branded share link to be secured you must have the CNAME record set and working correctly then you need to click on the 'I want an SSL connection' box.

Once ticked, you will be prompted a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to enable SSL.



Important: Once the SSL certificate has been enabled you are unable to change your domain name, the same applies on your email settings. However, you can always contact us via our live chat and we will happily assist with that.

That's all you need to do in order to generate the certificate. It should update in a few minutes and you will have a working SSL connection on your share link. 

Using Branded Sharing feature, you can make your default design URL (e.g. https://share.bannersnack.com/bc3ydseak )to something like http://yourdesigns.yourwebsitehere.com/bc3ydseak/

 Having problems setting up your sharelink  or you're using Cloudflare and the SSL validation is still pending ?


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