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Introducing Workspaces

Workspaces in Bannersnack work just the way they do in real life. When a big project comes around, you gather your colleagues and you can all work seamlessly together in the same space. All the banners you create, all the assets you upload and use for the project can be added to the Workspace so anyone can contribute at any time.

1. How to create a Workspace 

In the top left corner of your account, you will find the Workspace options. By default, you are in a starting My Workspace area, but you can also select another Workspace you have been added to or create a new one.

Click on the New Workspace button and an overlay window will appear. Choose a name, upload your logo (optional) and select a color for it. Hit Next and select teammates you wish to invite to your Workspace, then click Finish.




2. Shared assets

 Images and custom fonts are shared and available for everyone to use inside a Workspace. You can view all the assets from the Library tab at the top of the page, where you can upload assets directly. If you create a banner and upload an image/custom font inside our editor, it will also be automatically added to the shared library. 

If you move a banner to a different Workspace, all the assets used in that banner will automatically be transferred as well.




3. Moving banners between Workspaces 

If you created a banner in the wrong Workspace, no need to worry. Hover over it and select it by clicking the checkbox in the upper right corner. Select the “Move to” option and simply select the Workspace where you wish to move it.

If the banner is inside a folder, you might need to navigate up all the way to the root of the Workspaces. In a similar fashion, you can move the banner directly inside a folder/sub-folder in the desired Workspace.




4. Editing the Workspace

The name, logo and Workspace color can be changed at any time by clicking on the Workspace settings button at the top of the page. You can also invite additional colleagues to join the Workspace by clicking the Share Workspace button next to it.




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