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Introducing the new Slides and Layers sidebar

A lot of Bannersnack users have asked for an improved Slides and Layers sidebar as our old one was lacking some features or perhaps it was not intuitive enough. We heard you loud and clear, which is why we've been working on a brand new Slides and Layers sidebar which we are proud to present to you. Here are some of the cool features you'll find in the upgraded sidebar:


1. Thumbnails that are being updated in real time.

The feature with the most visual impact is the adding of thumbnails for the slides, thumbnails that are updating in real time showing all your design changes.



2. Easy access to duplicate, delete and stop slides options.

While with the older sidebar you would have to click 2-3 times in different tabs to duplicate, delete or stop slides, you can now easily do it all from the same place with a single click. 



3. Two simplified ways of changing a slide duration.

The new way of changing a slide duration is so much easier than the previous one and it saves a lot of time in the long run, plus it looks much cooler:

by dragging the bottom of the slide up and down to make the duration shorter or longer;


- by double-clicking the slide duration and changing it manually.



4. Add transitions between slides and change their duration with ease.

You can now add transitions between slides and change their duration using the same method as for the slides.




5. Drag and drop feature to change the slide's position.

Want to change the position of a slide? No worries, just drag and drop them in place. 



6. Copy and paste layers from one slide to another without leaving the Layers tab.

With the new sidebar you can easily copy a layer from one slide to another using the CTRL + C, CTRL + V method (Command + C, Command + V on a Mac).




7. Design change in the appearance of enable-disable layers. 

We made some design changes to the enable-disable layer feature, which looks better and it's easier to click. 



We hope you enjoy and have fun using our new Slides and Layers sidebar!

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