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Using the Slides and Layers sidebar

Using the sidebar when creating a design in the editor, can help you in quickly adjusting various properties such as duration of the slides, layer and slide order, and even hiding elements from view, without having to open and engage the timeline.
Here are some cool functional features and how all of these work:


1. Real time updates on slide thumbnails.

One of our most visual feature currently resides in the slide thumbnail as it updates in real time according to the design present on the canvas.




2. Duplicate, delete and stop slide options.

Whether you need to duplicate, delete or stop a slide, you can do any of these action directly from the slide thumbnail



3. Two simplified ways of changing a slide's duration.

Essentially, there are two ways in which you can change the slide's duration from the sidebar.

by dragging the bottom of the slide up and down to make the duration shorter or longer;


- by double-clicking the slide duration and changing it manually using your keypad.



4. Adding transitions and managing their duration.

You can add transitions between slides and change their duration using the same methods as the ones used to change the duration of slides.



5. Drag and drop to change the slide's order.

Looking to change the order of your slides? No worries, just drag and drop them in place. 



6. Copy/Paste layers within the layers tab.

You can easily copy a layer from one slide to another using CTRL + C, CTRL + V (Command + C, Command + V on a Mac).



7. Hide/Show layers. 

You can easily hide certain layers while performing a design for better visibility if for instance, you have layers that occupy the same position at a different point in the timeline



We hope these aspects will improve your creative flow and make things easier while working with slide related functions and always remember, if you have any questions, our representatives are one click away through our integrated chat channel. 

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