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AdWords guidelines

Before starting your banner here are the main things you need to know, according to Google's image ad requirements

  • it must not exceed 150 kb;
  • it must not loop for more than 30s;
  • OTF and TTF files are a no-no so, unfortunately, no custom fonts.

Although meeting all these requirements seems a bit too much, do not despair. Here is how you can make sure your banner will be accepted by AdWords:

First, make sure all the images you upload weigh maximum 1MB and of course, use the fonts you can find in our library or upload your text in the desired font as an SVG file.

To make sure the banner doesn't loop for more than 30s, you will have to stop the loop by checking the "Stop slide" box in the lower-right corner of the last slide's preview: 



In addition, after your banner is downloaded in HTML5 format, you can test its compatibility with AdWords by uploading the exported ZIP file in the AdWords HTML5 validator.   

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