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Convert custom fonts to SVG to make the banner Google Ads compliant


We kept our promise and now you can use custom fonts on ad platforms such as Google Ads.

All you need to do is to check "Convert custom fonts to SVG" option right before saving the banner.


What's this feature doing?

It's converting your actual custom font text into an SVG file and that will make your banner 100% Google Ads compatible but also save some size space for the HTML5 package.

Obviously, this feature is only available if you're using custom fonts. But if you have a ton of text in the banner and you're not planning to use it on Google Ads, you can uncheck the option whenever you want.

However, please notice that right now you can use this option only for text boxes and not for buttons with a custom font, but we're already working to change that and it's coming very soon! 


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