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Image upload file requirements

Technical requirements:

The maximum accepted file size is 15 MB and the accepted file formats are JPG, PNG, SVG and GIF.

You can learn more about detailed SVG specifications here.

Our recommendations and tips:

Even if the size limit is 15 MB we strongly recommend using JPG and PNG files under 5 MB and SVG and GIF files under 3 MB.

You need to make sure your file has a correct extension and it’s not corrupted and we recommend uploading a maximum of 10 images at once.

Simply drag your images into the upload box or use the buttons provided to choose the images you want to upload.

We also recommend deleting the images you aren’t using for a better experience and a faster loading time.

When saving your banner, all the contained images will go through various compression and resize processes to get the smallest possible HTML5 package.


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    Wayne Tang Permalink

    I've uploaded the images per requirement, the images look great in the editor but the output still became blurry. Could you tell me why?

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    Vidico Permalink

    I agree. Mine are super blurry when exporting JPGs or PNG. And when we try and upload SVGs it will not let us, saying this:

    "The following SVG file(s) may contain embedded fonts, images or may be exported incorrectly:"

    So at the moment, the only images we can successfully use that are not blurry are the stock assets that Bannersnack provides. We can't upload our own. 

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