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How to create a YouTube cover

If you want to create a YouTube channel art you will first need to select a size from our sizing template list where you can find a YouTube preset of 2560x1440 pixels in size.


Once you've selected the size, you can start a design from one of our cool templates that we offer or create it from scratch by adding your own content. 


Depending on the device from which your YouTube channel is viewed you will see the full size or a cropped view of your image. You can adjust your designs so the important elements fit in a 1546x423 rectangle in the middle, this way it will look good even on desktop or mobile devices. Easiest way would be to use a size stencil for this. 


Then all you have to do is download the design on your computer and upload it as your YouTube channel art.



*You can download YouTube size stencil from below.

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