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AMPHTML designs are here!

As you may already know, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source library that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are compelling, smooth, and load near instantaneously for all viewers - but it makes a great difference especially on mobile devices.

We introduced the AMPHTML option to help our Google Ads customers that only have the option to upload such designs due to the limitations of their account. Google recently changed their policy and now HTML5 ad designs are not available for upload to all advertisers, but they do accept AMPHTML designs, so we hope this comes as a massive help for many of our customers.

(Read more about that on this article)


Why use AMPHTML? AMP ads load faster than regular ads, and because viewers pick up on every small delay, they are ideal for mobile devices. AMP ads are also lighter, more simple and lead to better ad experiences. Additionally to loading faster your ads will be much smaller in size.

You can export all of your designs as AMPHTML so you don't need to recreate or republish them since the conversion is made automatically on our end.

However, due to incompatibility with the AMP technology, some features are currently not supported and may change the overall look of your downloaded design:

Loop settings - AMP designs will run only once, then stop. Loop settings will be ignored.

Blur effects - will be removed from layers and transitions. Make sure this won't affect the overall look of your design.

Custom fonts - must be converted into SVGs at the save dialog box, otherwise, your design might be incompatible with Google Ads.

Actions and URLs - will be removed from your design. You can always set the latter in your campaign management platform.

YouTube and Embed items - will be removed from the design, being incompatible with the AMP technology.



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