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How to make a Facebook Cover

Need a new Facebook cover? With Bannersnack you can design a stylish one with ease!

The whole process is very intuitive and all you need to do is start with the Facebook cover template size and customize it to your needs.

If you're low on inspiration you can start from some cool templates we designed for you but you can also start from scratch and design your way towards the perfect creative.


While creating a design form one of our templates, you might notice that some of them have a CTA button even though they will not work on a Facebook cover as they would on an HTML5 file.

A CallToAction usually works by embedding a link into the actual button which will take the customer to your designated landing page that you've set on the button in Bannersnack.

On Facebook, however, this isn't possible in a direct manner as the function only works on script activated formats like HTML5 or AMP which are not accepted by the social media platform. Even so, we've decided to add a few templates with CTA buttons that can act like a stimulant for the potential client that is viewing your design on Facebook.

Using this method you can place a link in the description of your cover and once a customer clicks on the design the link will show up along with the description.


 Further questions can be handled and answered by our support staff which are at your disposal during our active work hours, through our integrated web chat.


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