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Best practices for the Generator!


We know that the Banner Generator is a time saver so we want you to be even more productive and make banners even faster and easier by adjusting your workflow.


We noticed that some of you have had issues with content placement in some sizes from the set.

To avoid that we recommend starting the set from just three main sizes: square, leaderboard, and a skyscraper-sized template.




Customize the banner and then simply add the rest of the sizes. This way, you can avoid any misplacing issues you might have.

A new addition that will surely improve your productivity is the ability to rename all your layers and keep them more organized.




A new useful feature is the "Position grid" option that allows you to align objects independently on specific layouts from the set. This is a tremendous help when using different layouts and orientations on banners from the same set.




Other great features are the Lock Properties, Lock Transition, and Sync options. With those, you can now lock element styles or transitions on specific sizes from the set.

Suppose you've tested out different text and color designs on some sizes from your set and now you just want to set all of them to the original one. That's now possible with the new Sync option that allows you to set a Text or Button layer on all sizes to the original settings you've set up in the global layer toolbar. It is also possible to pick a new color or text and sync all sizes to that. 




You can also sync the elements on just one size to the original setting of the layer from Focus mode.




The lock properties option allows you to lock the text and color settings on specific banners from the set.



This helps a lot if you want to use a different message or text style on just some sizes from the set. This option will also block the Sync mode so you cannot sync elements that have the lock option enabled.

That's not all, as you can also lock a transition for a specific layer from the set. So if you want to combine multiple effects from the Magic Animator you just need to lock the transition and use another animation template. 


If you're a custom animation guy then we have another cool tip for you!

Let's say you want to custom animate all the set sizes at once but you don't want to copy/paste the layouts on each banner. In that case, the best way would be to create just one size at first, add the content and animate it with custom effects using the Focus mode and then Save the set (CTRL/CMD+S). Then simply edit the set and add the rest of the sizes. In that way, not only the layers but also the animation effects will be transferred to all sizes.

Cool, right?


Also, you can now use the Focus mode to copy and paste objects between slides without duplicating the actual layer in the Layers section.

You just need to enter in focus mode and press CTRL+C and CTRL+V ( CMD+C/ CMD+V) on your keyboard to paste objects between sizes from your set.


This comes in handy when you want to customize just some sizes from the set but also helps to keep your dashboard clean and clear.



Good luck and hope this helps!

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