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How to create a Facebook video design

Creating a Facebook video design has never been easier! 

With Bannersnack, all you have to do is use the "Facebook Ad" size template, add your own content, choose the animated preset that you like the most and add new slides and transition between them.

Once you're finished, just save the design, download it in a MP4 format and then upload your video to Facebook.

Let's start by selecting the Facebook ad size, add our content to the first slide such as a background image, some social media trademarks and animate the layer in the timeline using one of our presets.


As you can see, Bannersnack offers dozens of animated presets to choose from, all of which are fully customizable.


Next, we’ll create the second slide, add a background image and some text.

You can add as many slides as you want and customize them separately as you wish.



As soon as your slides are in place, it’s time to add transitions between them, and customize it.

You can also choose different easing and tween options as well as the direction, offset and alpha values for distinct results.

Once you're finished, you can preview your design and save it into your workspace.Facebook-Video-Customize-Slide-Transition.gif


To download your design in the correct format, just hover your mouse over it, click on view, then select your desired animated format.



Note*: Facebook accepts both GIF and Mp4 however for quality retention purposes we highly recommend the use of an Mp4 design.




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