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Share link for design sets and hotspots for comments

Unlike Single designs, Design sets created in the Generator will have the sharelink in a different location since this will encapsulate the entire lot. You can still get the sharelink for each individual size but if you're looking to share the entire set, you can get the set link from the options dropdown menu of the design, found in your workspace.



You can use the grid view to display all the designs from the set at once or you can use the individual-view to display the actual size of each one. 

Note* We recommend checking the designs in individual view as grid view might cause quality or displacement issues since they are displayed at a compressed size. Viewing your design's actual size is crucial to understanding it's true form and how it will be displayed on your advertising platform.



We also improved the comments feature and now you can give and receive on-point feedback, letting your clients or co-workers know exactly what part of the design they should work on. Just hit the spot and leave a comment!




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