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Enabling AdTag

Until now, Bannersnack made available a general use embed code destined for personal websites and mostly suitable for light to medium traffic use cases. With the ad serving add-on, Plus and Team customers can now export custom embed AdTags for major advertising platforms like DFP, AdRoll, AppNexus, Sizmek, Simpli.fi and many more.

What is AdTag?

The AdTag code delivers an advanced HTML script or iframe designed to work on a specific Ad network, and has been built to withstand high volumes of traffic, removing the file size restrictions imposed by an Ad network. It also supports live updates, so you can edit your design and the AdTag will be automatically updated with your changes. In addition, you’ll have access to advanced analytics, being able to see the traffic statistics separately for each Ad network.



We support 77 Ad networks at the moment, but there are many more on the way. We plan on adding up to 150 integrations so you can serve the AdTag on as many Ad networks as possible.

We also added a Standard Ad tag for general use that helps integrating your designs using a standard embed code that was designed for large traffic.


Please keep in mind that the ad serving feature represents an extra component; thus, it will be charged additionally, on top of your current Plus or Team subscription, depending on usage. Once you start using it, you will get charged each month (30 days from the moment you enabled the add-on) or each time you go over the billing threshold. We’ll use the payment method you have on file in your account.



If you have more questions about how AdTag works, please feel free to reach out to us, through our live chat integration, or schedule a Demo with one of our colleagues, here.


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