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What is the difference between the embed code and AdTag

As you might have already noticed, we offer two ways of delivering designs through a script type text directly from our very own servers meaning that all of the designs will be hosted by Bannersnack in both cases. There are, however, major differences between the two in terms of how and where you can use them to display your designs, so let’s go over them.

What is AdTag?

AdTag or add serving Add-on as we call it, is basically an advance html5 script designed and tailored for specific marketing platforms. An AdTag from one platform cannot work on another as they have different requirements in terms of script structure meaning the html5 code will be different for each one.

Here's an example for Google Ads:



Delivering ads through AdTag has its benefits. For starters, the size limit imposed by the platform on which you will be uploading the asset, for the html5 package, for example, will be removed. Usually this limit is somewhere around 150KB on average but some platforms may have higher values while others may have lower ones.

Using the ad serving Add-on, the size limit is removed as the designs are all hosted from our servers, your designs can now handle significant traffic volumes, you get access to all of our real-time analytics tools, and all of your designs are instantly updated on the platform, once you’ve done any modifications on them, in the editor, so no need to re-upload them if you must change certain aspects or visuals. You can check out how to enable ad tag in our related help article, here.


Functionality of the Embed Code


The embed code, on the other hand, is for more general use such as hosting a design on a website with low traffic, for example. The traffic it can support is fairly limited (depending on your plan), however, once you've updated the design, just like in the case of AdTag, there is no need to replace the existing embed. Just update the current one from your workspace and it will automatically update wherever it's placement resides.



Note*: AdTag is classified as an extra component offered by Bannersnack and will be charged additionally on top of your current subscription, depending on your usage of the service, reason for which we encourage you to get in touch with our support team through our web chat or email so that we can assess your needs and create a custom offer based on your requirements. As an alternative, you can schedule a demo with our AdTag team, here, if you're interested in learning more about how it works.

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