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Can I add music to my banners?

Right now, unfortunately, you cannot upload audio files directly to your banners, but don't worry, we have some alternatives for you, so if you want to create like a music photo slideshow you can import the audio from third-party platforms like SoundCloud or Youtube

To have a Youtube video as your audio source, you just need to use the Add video option from the editor and add the Youtube URL in the Settings toolbar


You can change features like autoplay, loop or default volume options so the widget is highly customizable.

Another great method is using a SoundCloud track. To do that, first, you'll need to copy the track's embed code from SoundCloud website and if you want it to play automatically now its the time to enable that option:


Then, just use the Add Embed option from the editor and paste the copied embed code in the Settings tab.



You can also import music from other platforms so you're not limited to just SoundCloud or Youtube. However, keep in mind that most Ad platforms like Google ads, don't allow audio sources embedded in ads so you won't be able to use audio banners on such platforms.

Also, Google Chrome browser is now muting the audio signal by default and might even block the actual banner, so the best way of using music banners is with photo slideshows or embedded banners on your own personal website. 


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