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How to create a rich media design?

Rich media ads contribute a great deal on making the internet a more interesting, fun and worthwhile place to be. So, it’s a very exciting time for online marketing!

 What is a rich media design?

You’ve probably seen a design floating around a web page or expanding the moment you hovered your mouse over it, at least once in your netizen lifetime. These are not regular designs(as you might have noticed). They’re called rich media ads and their broad category goes far beyond floating and expanding.

Rich Text Feature

Using the rich text function will allow you to manipulate and format your design's text to your liking with our various text styling elements.

How does it work?

You can use a variety of options to change the style of specific text pieces inside a bounding box. Select desired text and change attributes such as font, bold options, color, underline, lowercase and UPPERCASE from the same text boxes. And it works for custom fonts too!



The feature mentioned above is only one of the many used to develop a fully interactive rich media design. You can easily create some of these rich media ads using Bannersnack and here's a complete guide on how to do just that.

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