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Having problems with your branded share link?

If you've managed to properly setup your branded share link and everything is in the green, your domain is marked as Valid and the SSL certificate status is Issued you are ready to go. But what happens if the status is Pending and the sharelink is not working? There are two possible problems:

1. Domain name status is Pending

In this case it is possible the CNAME is not setup correctly in your domain's DNS registrar. Make sure that you added the subdomain that you want for your sharelink as a CNAME record in your DNS registrar. The subdomain can have any prefix you like "designads" or simply "designs" and is separated by "." from your hostname. The end result will be in the likes of: designads.mywebsite.com. This CNAME you create for this subdomain will have to point to share.bannersnack.com. Check for any spelling mistakes both in your registrar and on Bannersnack Custom Branding settings. 

 2. The SSL certificate Status is Pending

If you checked the SSL box please make sure your website support HTTPS. Pending status can happen if your website does not support SSL connection (HTTPS) or the certificate negotiation is being forced from your hosting platform. When you check the SSL box, a certificate negotiation is initiated by our server and sent to your hosting platform. In some cases like for Cloudflare the hosting platform is also initiating a certificate negotiation be default, thus the negotiation fails. To have it working and accept our certificate please deactivate the SSL certificate negotiation from the remote end.

Note: Alternatively, if you're still having difficulties feel free to contact us through our live chat platform and we will most certainly help you out.



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