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How to create an Instagram Story banner


To create an Instagram Story with Bannersnack you have to choose the Insta Story preset from our templates.



You can start from our amazing looking, Instagram story template and pick one as a starting point. 

2.pngTo create your own Instagram Story from scratch, first, you have to choose a background so Go to the Add Image icon in the left sidebar and type a word related to what you’re about to create. You can easily adjust the image to fit the banner area by resizing it and you can also apply some cool image filters.


Now that we have our background ready, let’s move to text. Click the Add text button in the left sidebar and select the type of text you want to work with. Start writing your message and then select the most suitable size of it. You can change the colors, the line-height or the letter spacing or you can even customize it more by adding a drop shadow on your text.

4.pngAfter you finish the design you can save the banner and download it in JPG/PNG format and upload it on your Instagram profile.

Discover more about Bannersnack Insta Stories here!






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