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Keep track of your team's actions with Activity Log!


Say hello to the new activity log recorder!

Now you can track the activity for each workspace from your account. To check that, you just need to select the workspace and click on the Activity Log icon.


The log records all the downloads, rename, move, duplicate, delete or change status actions you have done on all the banners from that specific workspace.


You have two options, namely, you can check the log for the entire workspace but you can also filter it for a specific banner or folder.


To refresh and load the most recent activity, don't forget to use the refresh button, however, please note that the widget doesn't record sign-in/out sessions or activities like searches or banner filtering.


This new feature is available only with the Team plan, so if you don't have one yet, now you have an extra reason to think about upgrading to one of those memberships. Enjoy!

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