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Resize your design with just one click using Smart Resize!


Could you imagine being able to resize your design with just one click, without any further adjustments? Or have the power to start from one design and generate many others at once?

 All of these are possible with our Smart Resize feature, our smart resize algorithm will help you resize your designs with just one click.

How does Smart Resize work?

By using the 'Resize' button, all the layers of your design will be scaled and adjusted to a new size in the best possible way, based on your current size and layer alignments.


You can also access the Resize button from the Background tab and choose from our Display and Social media size templates or add your own custom sizes. Scale layers for a perfect fit or uncheck the option to use the original size.



Generating a set from a single design. 

But that's not all! Selecting multiple cards will enable you to generate a whole design set automatically, multiple sizes being created at once for you.


After selecting the sizes, you need to adjust and define the reference layouts of your set.
Based on these reference layouts, our advanced algorithm will be able to resize your design into every possible dimension. The focus is on resizing, arranging and adjusting your layers and transitions for each layout, without changing key design elements.


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