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Email Notifications

Configuring Email Notifications

You can configure a custom email address for the notifications that will be sent to users for new comments, and replies. 


Important: Once the custom email settings have been save you will be unable to change them, but you can always contact us via our live chat and we will be glad to assist you.

Once you enter and save the email address and a name to be shown in people's inbox, we will generate TXT records. For the setup to be complete and the notifications to be sent from the custom email, you will have to add the two TXT records in the DNS settings from your domain registrar to have notifications sent with your custom address.

In your account email settings you can control for which events you would like to get notifications. Please read more about it here.



Custom notifications requires a Team or Plus subscription so If you don’t have one, perhaps you should consider it because they come with many advanced features such as, Custom Templates, Workspaces, Comments on Sharelink, AdTag, Translations and multiple users in team plans for effortless collaboration and 100.000 daily embed views.




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