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New middle animation effects and more!


The wait is over so we're happy to let you know that we brought our animations to a whole new level!


Being able to add extra animations to your designs was a long term request from all of you so now you can add extra movement to any layer, right after build-in and before the build-out transitions.  

Using the timeline you can add new Middle Animations to emphasize a button or make objects to stand out from your banner ad. Add shaking, blinking, pulsating animations to any of the design elements.


 10 Brand New Animation Presets! 

We also launched 10 brand new, carefully crafted, ready-to-use transition presets!

With just one click you can animate your layers or you can get into the advanced mode to enable further editing, customizing the timing, the ease and all the fine details of each new animation style.


New hover animations! 

Diversifying creative animation capabilities are one of our key missions at Bannersnack. For this, we’ve added an extra twist to our new animations so on every middle transition you can set a different trigger option and there are three types of triggers: time-based, on hover and infinite.


Timeline based is the default option, where you can set the exact duration as well as start/endpoints of the transition, directly on the timeline.  

The second way is to trigger the animation only when you hover over an element and this is really helpful when making objects stand out from your banner ad 

The third option is to give up all the timing controls of the transition and make it loop on an infinite way, based on the existent timeframe on your current layer/slide.  


Timeline Scrubber tool! 

These new updates also come with a brand new feature that allows you to easily choose a new play position on the timeline.


Just drag your scrubber handle to set a new play position or drag it over your transitions to have a frame by frame preview of your movements on the stage. You can click anywhere on the timeline ruler to set a different starting position for your preview, then just hit space to play your preview over and over again. Hit ‘Reset play position’ to go back to 0 sec. 


New and improved copy-paste option for animation presets! 

We’ve also added brand new paste options both for the single editor and Generator.

In the single banner editor, you’ll discover the new Paste transition with timing that will paste not only your copied animation preset but will also paste it’s original starting time and duration. Chose the default option if you want to use the paste in the old way, adjusting the preset only.


In Generator, we’ve added furthermore new features and now you can use the Paste on all layouts to paste a copied animation over every layer, from every layout of your banner set, with just one click.


You can also add it only to your rectangle layouts if you need to. Note that this will also paste it’s starting position and duration of your copied animation style.  


Bulk edit multiple layers at once. 

You can add your favorite transitions to multiple builds in/outs, at once and you can also remove all animations in one single click or drag multiple handles together with the new bulk editing functions on the timeline.



Simply select all the layers you want to modify and apply changes from one single click. It’s pretty easy! You can also paste the same transition to multiple layers or adjust the end time of a build-out on multiple layers at the same time. 



But where is the old transitions toolbar?! 

These all cool new additions to the animation capabilities of Bannersnack comes with a cost so we had to get rid of the old animation UI. Pushing the transition button from the properties bar will now trigger the timeline from the bottom of the screen. This will be the only way to work with animations from now on, due to it’s simplified and easier editing possibilities


Have fun!




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