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Export your HTML5 ad in retina quality!

You asked. We listened! 

Now you can download all your designs in high quality HTML5, AMP, embed or Adtag and it will look gorgeous on those Retina and high PPI displays as well! 

A modern screen has more than twice as many pixels crammed in a square inch than traditional displays. Therefore the content to be displayed in the same physical area has to contain twice as many digital pixels for the image to be sharp. 



There were few such displays on the market at first but lately they are starting to become more ubiquitous. Having an attention to detail, we want our customers designs to look good on any screen. So now all you have to do is check Save retina-ready images option before saving and when you download your creative or use the embed and your ads will be crisp on any screen.



What happens behind, is that if the asset used is large enough we also save a higher resolution image than we normally do. When the add is actually displayed we detect the type of screen the user has and we display the appropriate version. This way users will see a sharp image even on a high pixel density display. This of course comes at a cost and the size of the HTML5 file usually increases by about 40-50%. 

The result though is worth it. 




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