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Navigating through your Workspace

How to navigate through your workspace.


Your Workspace is the starting point for all the work you do in Bannersnack. You start off with a view of all the designs in your Workspace and by clicking on the Create New button you can begin to design your ads. Also from here you can access your Library which contains all of your assets like Images, Fonts, Colors and Templates that you have either uploaded or saved in the app. Team users can have multiple Workspaces that help them keep designs and assets from different projects separate. In this way only images, fonts, colors and templates for that particular project will be available when creating a design. 


  1. If you want to rate our app and leave some feedback you can do so using the dedicated button. We also encourage you to vote upcoming features or report a bug. 
  2. If you are looking for inspiration and you want to learn new things, have a look at our tutorial videos if you’re just getting started. 
  3. If you are part of a team and you have Administrator rights, you may switch to another user from your team and have the same view. 
  4. From the bottom left corner you can always reach out to your account manager.


In addition, we have a filtering system and a search feature which will help you scour through your creatives without wasting precious time, along with an activity log button that will display past activity performed on the account.


Apart from checking designs and managing searches, content and past activity, from the Bannersnack’s workspace, you can access your personal account panel through a simple click on your profile image dropdown.


From the drop-down section, you can access our help center and various sections related to your account settings, along with managing Team users, and selecting the language.

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