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Custom Templates

If you ever found yourself in a situation where you would need to design several designs based on a specific structure, custom templates are the answer.

Using the Add to Templates feature, you can generate your very own template and apply it across all of your designs.

How does it work? Simply create a design in Bannersnack, save it, and add it to your template library, directly from your workspace.



Once you’ve done that, you can easily start a design using that template, from the library, or simply click on create new, select your size and import the template from the creator template section.



The templates will only work on the size in which they were created, however, you can always use the resize feature and change the size and shape of your canvas, adapting the elements accordingly.



Custom Templates for the Generator

 Our Custom Template feature is also available in the Design Generator giving our users the ability to save entire sets as templates and start a design with different sizes from the ones already found in the saved templates section. You can either start a set using a template that you've created, from your Brand Library,



or you can apply one from the template selection panel when you are getting started with your set, before accessing the Generator.



Note*: The templates used in single designs can only be applied on the same sizes as the ones in which the originals were created, however, the generator templates can be applied on any size as they will rescale through our resize algorithm that we are using when our users are generating design sets from individual ones.

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