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Keeping your workspace organized

Whether you are an individual freelancer or a large company, most likely your client base is made up of several tens or even hundreds of customers, reason for which keeping a tidy workspace can prove really useful when managing designs for more than one buyer at a time.

Bannersnack offers a variety of methods that can help you in keeping your workspace well organized including folders, labels and even an individual status feature that can help you keep track of your progress throughout the designs, with your manager or buyer.


Here’s how they work;



Each workspace can sustain an unlimited number of folders that can be used to organize different projects on which you might be working. For instance, you may be performing projects related to different campaigns, for the same client and would like to keep them from getting mixed up with each other.

Creating a new folder can be done in two ways. You can either create the folder directly using the “new folder” icon found underneath the workspace manager, or, you can select multiple designs at once, click on the “move to” button found in the tool bar that drops down just above your designs, and select the “new folder” icon.




Labels are unique identifiers that you can set on certain designs to help you track them down faster when needed. They can represent any kind of information that you might want to place on specific designs so that you can set them apart from the rest of the creatives found in your workspace. The label feature scours the entire workspace meaning that no matter what your current location is, you can filter labeled designs directly and the feature will bring up all of the assets with that specific label, from the entire workspace, even if they are in separate folders.


Note: Labels can only be placed on single designs as the feature does not support design sets.



Setting a status on your assets can prove very useful and help you in maintaining a steady workflow if you are doing multiple designs at a time. Using this feature, you will easily be able to tell apart the designs that are finished and approved from the ones that are still in need of changes or rejected by your manager or clients.

Just like in the case for labels and folders, the status can be placed from the dropdown toolbar that appears in your workspace once you have selected the design.

You can set, remove or modify multiple statuses at a time using the multiple selection box found in the left top corner of each design while hovering the cursor on it.


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