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Installing and using the new Photoshop Plugin

Photoshop is one of the leaders in photo editing software that allows our customers to manipulate, crop, resize, and correct color on digital photos. It is mainly used by graphic designers, or professional photographers, but also by marketers or business owners.


For those of you that use Photoshop regularly, we’ve got some exciting news.  

We developed the Bannersnack Plugin that allows you to export assets and banners from Photoshop into your Bannersnack account.

So open Photoshop on your computer and from the Window menu go to Find Extensins on Exchange


Once there, you need to search and install the Bannersnack plugin but please note that you need to restart Photoshop to see the changes.



Next, enable the Bannersnack extension from the Window > Extensions menu and go back to your Bannersnack Account options section to generate the API Access Key and copy it to log in to the Bannersnack Plugin using the API access key you just generated.


And you’re done!

Now you can easily send files from Photoshop to your Bannersnack library or even create a new design starting with the selected layers.




You can choose which layers you want to export, and you can switch to your Bannersnack account by just clicking on Go to Bannersnack.



Please note that, if the PSD file has multiple artboards, a design will be created from each artboard. The rulers/guides, layer visibility, and effects will be applied to rasterized images.

When exporting a PSD file, we’ll keep the fonts in case you already have them in your Bannersnack account. If not, then we’ll replace them with the Open Sans font.


Just in case the Adobe exchange does not work for you we offer an alternative install option so  please try this:

  1. Get the user-friendly Anastasiy's Extension Manager1.png
  2. Install the Bannersnack Photoshop PluginJust drag & drop the plugin file into the  Anastasiy panel to install it.2.png


       3. Open Photoshop on your computer and enable the Bannersnack extension from the Window > Extensions menu.








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