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Live Ads reporting

If you didn't try the AdTag option yet, here are a few things you should need to know about the advantages of using it.


1. The AdTag code delivers an advanced HTML script or iframe designed to work on a specific Ad network.

2. It has been built to withstand high volumes of traffic.

3. It removes the file size restrictions imposed by the Ad network.

4. Supports live updates, so you can edit your design and the AdTag will be automatically updated with your changes.

5. All reports are being centralized on your account so you can check, analyze and export them from the same platform.

5. It provides advanced analytics, being able to see the traffic statistics separately for each Ad network.


In this article, we'll be covering the LiveAds analytics part so let's dive right in!

Adtag's Live Ads feature is one of the most complex and advanced analytics tools available on the market right now that gives you instant data and reports about all your banners and campaigns.

In the Overview section, you get a summary of all the AdTags that are being used on your account.



So you can check stats like Views, Clicks, CTR, Viewability and Total Tags and get detailed data for each section.


You can filter stats by networks to have a detailed and clear summary for a specific period of time.



The Reports section gives you detailed insights about all tracked data based on the device, network, country, browser and referral URLs that are being used.


We're using the advanced analytic technologies so you could check and compare reports using the desired breakdowns



So in the non-technical language you get to see where, when, how , why and how often your ads are being seen and clicked.


Of course, you get to download all the reports you generate in a .CSV or  .XLSX format and with the Include report data from all workspaces you get an overall report for your entire Team



This only scratches the surface of how the Live Ads is useful but if you're not benefiting from it yet we highly recommend talking with our team and unlocking the AdTag feature that enables this tremendous resource for all your banners and campaigns or schedule a Demo with one of our colleagues, here









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