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Uploading PSD Files

Since we first launched Bannersnack, our top priority was to do our best to deliver a world-class online design app that’s going to help our users create efficiently high-quality marketing materials.



Over the years, we realized that the design process is not as straightforward as some of us would think or want. We analyzed your feedback and concluded that something had to be done in order to help teams similar to yours overcome frustrations and boost productivity.  

We’re well aware that some of you use Bannersnack in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop. 

Let's say you want to leverage all of those advanced photo editing features that Photoshop offers. But then, you may also want to animate your design and create multiple sizes and formats for your advertising campaign. 

This is where Bannersnack shines. 

Some of you were very much looking forward to this feature and, today, we’re pleased to present it to you. 

Whether you:

  • Need to open a PSD file because you don’t have Photoshop
  • Need to quickly edit a PSD file and can’t wait for your designer to help you out
  • Have to create multiple sizes quickly for the same design, and you only have the PSD file
  • Want to animate a design in PSD format

Bannersnack comes to the rescue! 

Here’s how to use the Photoshop feature in Bannersnack. 

You have two options:

  1. Install the Photoshop plugin and export the layers directly to a new design in your account.
  2. Upload a PSD file to your Bannersnack account.


You can now create a new design from your current Photoshop file and decide which layers you want to import to the Bannersnack editor.

If the PSD file has multiple artboards, it will create a separate composition from each artboard. The rulers/guides, layer visibility, and effects will be applied to rasterized layers. Right now clipping and layer masks, overlays or effects such as blur, drop shadow, and the opacity will not be preserved.



To make it even easier for you, you have the option to upload PSD files directly in the single design editor by using the old and trusty Add Image option.


The same goes for the Generator, where you can add a new Upload Image layer, but that's not all. You can simply drag & drop PSD files to your designs using the Focus mode, which is a huge time saver when you need to add an image to a specific size from the set.



Moreover, you can upload. PSD file directly in your Library and save each layer as a separate image in a folder named after the PSD file. However, please note that you can only upload image files with rasterized effects.



 This was the presentation of the Photoshop integration. Our goal is to keep on innovating and develop new features that help you work more productively, collaborate effortlessly, and create professional banners.

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