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What features are available with the Free plan?

Using the free version of Bannersnack will allow you to try out a few of our features, however, we always recommend purchasing a subscription if you’re using Bannersnack on a regular basis, but if you decide to stick with the free plan, here are some things that you might find useful.


Available Features

With the free plan, we intend to showcase a few of our design capabilities to our new customers, while maintaining reduced availability for major features. The plan does not include access to our multi design Generator, a large portion of our Animations in the timeline along with the magic animate templates are disabled, a watermark is applied on your banners hosted through our embed code and your daily embed view limit is reduced.

Even though, full access to the generator is not part of the free plan, we've decided to allow capabilities in testing our re-size feature from which you can create multiple sizes out of a single design. The feature can be tested to the point where access is required in the generator, allowing you to analyze the workflow through which you might be going when creating a set from a single banner, if you decide to upgrade to pro.



Available Content

In terms of content, the number of accessible assets such as images, templates and presets found in the Editor, will be reduced, along with downloadable formats having only static compositions available (JPG, PNG, and Static GIF). 

All of our premium content is marked with a white star on an orange background and can be easily identified on each individual element that is not available on the free plan.



Having a free account means that you will only be able to generate 10 banners/account, and since this characteristic applies on the account as a whole, the counter will not reset even if some banners are permanently deleted from your workspace.



There is, however, a workaround for this matter and all you need to do is, instead of creating a new banner, just click edit on a design of your choosing and simply replace the current content applying a new design aspect.




Note*: Some advanced features such as own templates, branded sharelink and additional workspaces, are only available within the Plus or Team plan.

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