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PSD requirements and limitations


Thanks to the new Photoshop Integration feature, you can now go beyond the limits of Photoshop and collaborate with your design team to edit any PSD file with ease in our editor.



However, right now you need to be aware of some limitations and requirements.

1. The maximum PSD size supported is 100Mb and 3000x3000 px.

2. Only 2017 or newer Photoshop versions are supported by the plugin. 

3. At the moment, layer effects whether they are on texts or shapes or any other element can't be imported so they need to be rasterized prior to import by right-clicking on the layer and select Rasterize Layer Style. Also, even if our app.  support drop shadows on texts and images they are not treated on import so the same goes here.


4. Right now blending options are not working work and rotation only works with text layers, any hidden layers will not be imported.

5. Bannersnack doesn't implement auto leading or horizontal/vertical scaling so texts will not look the same when using these options.

6. All SVG files are now converted to PNGs and the color overlay is not recognized by our library.

7. Text tracking is not rendered correctly so it's not interpreted as letter spacing.

8. Right now only the 8-bit color mode is supported so if the PSD was already designed you need to change that from the Image Mode menu before exporting it.



Or even better use from the start the 8-bit color mode for your project.



9.To make sure your colors export properly through the PSD file, we recommend using the sRGB color profile before saving the file and uploading it into Bannersnack. You can do so, from the Edit section -> Convert to Profile -> sRGB. Depending on the assets used, a different color profile might cause a change of tone/shade when uploading to Bannersnack.



10. If you see yellow triangles in the import screen that means you do not have that specific font on your Bannersnack Library so you need to upload the missing font first or replace it in the original PSD file with ones existing in our system.








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