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New updates Alert: Elements Library!

We're excited to share with all of you our new and completely redesigned Library!


Having a clutter-free and organized workspace is the key to boosting your creativity and productivity. The brand new menu was redesigned to offer the best experience we’re all looking for when creating visuals. 


The new Workspace menu version is available both in the single editor and in the Banner Set Generator mode so now you get the same smooth and user-friendly experience when designing banner sets.


Besides that, we are introducing a brand-new and powerful feature: Bannersnack Elements.


Packed with original content and right now delivering no less than +3000 visual elements, this feature has one main goal: to help you achieve more with less effort. 

Now you can have all your Images, Shapes, Lines or buttons grouped to the same elements category, while also introducing two new content groups: Icons and Illustrations 

New Content: +3000 Elements and still counting! 



We created over 3000 new pieces of visual content, out of which over 1000 are unique design shapes, forms, and outlines, 1500 are customizable icons that spread out in 20 categories, and more than 600 are original hand-drawn illustrations



80 brand new and scalable beauties: check out our new lines and arrows library! 🔥


Create #flows, mind maps, #infographics or simply power up your visuals with end to end fully scalable lines, arrows, and shapes.




The old Images section was now divided into two separate folders My Uploads and Stock Photos. You can find our stock images inventory in the Stock Photos folder or work with your own visuals by uploading them to My Uploads folder.



There are now 13 categories of design shapes, such as Geometrical, Frames, Brushed, Sunburst & Halftone, and many more. that contains over 1000 unique design shapes, forms, and outlines 

Logos are nowadays everywhere so we couldn’t leave the Logos folder the same. From Social Media & Entertainment and Payment to Services and Software, we have them all, offering both black-and-white and color logo options.



The new Widgets directory is a replacement to the old More section so now you can add Youtube videos or embed items more easily!

We developed two new productivity features: Favorites and Recently Used options so don't let your favorite or most used elements get lost in the shuffle as you can now put a star on every element that you plan to use later, or search and filter the elements that you enjoyed working.


We also improved the workflow for replacing images and now you can easily change an element (shape, image, icon, etc) or filling basic shapes by simply dragging and holding the new one over the current element.









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