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Photoshop Plugin changelog

Here is the Photoshop Bannersnack Plugin change-log for all released versions.


1. Bannersnack Plugin 1.0.0

First contact with the new Photoshop Plugin, the initial version that was launched in November 2019.


  • Layers effect and drop shadows must be rasterized
  • Clipping masks nor layer masks are supported
  • Blending options  and auto leading or horizontal/vertical scaling are not supported
  • All SVG files are converted to PNGs
  • Text tracking is not rendered correctly
  • Only 8-bit color mode is supported 

2. Bannersnack Plugin 1.0.1 

An improved version that contains bug fixes and performance improvements, launched in December 2019.

What's new:

  • Fixed an issue where some customers could not log in using the API token.
  • Added support for image masks.
  • Added support for color overlays.



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